1st 100% digital EMAS Statement of a European chemical company

July 28, 2023

RightSupply has been the tool used by Ascanio Química (Tenerife), to edit its 100% digital Environmental its 100% digital Environmental Statement of the European EMAS Regulation.

We are delighted to be able to present the first 100% digital EMAS Environmental Statement generated by a chemical company in the European Union.  

Ascanio Química has used the platform RightSupply.net for its elaboration, in order to collect all the information and metrics required by the European Regulation. An innovative system that generates a fully automated web-based Digital Environmental Declaration (DAD) that includes texts, tables and dynamic graphics that adapt to the needs of the reader and interested stakeholders.

This digitization tool has a well-organized structure that not only facilitates the audit process, but also greatly simplifies the preparation of the Environmental Statement for the environmental managers in charge of drafting it.

In a digital era where organizations are already subject to a myriad of corporate reporting requirements, this is a clear commitment to making tasks and work more accessible and efficient.

Congratulations to the entire Ascanio Química team for their commitment to digitalization and transparency in environmental matters!

In the words of Pablo Chamorro, director of Ecomundis and promoter of the platform RightSupply:

"After 20 years of supporting companies and the administration in the field of sustainability and communication, we are convinced that the digitalization of these processes is the way forward. And that is why we developed the RightSupply.net platform with the aim of facilitating the analysis, reporting and evaluation of the sustainability of companies and their suppliers.

The EMAS module, for the preparation of EMAS Declarations, is another example that digital tools are accessible and affordable to all types of companies .

There are already four national and international certifying bodies that have validated our Digital Environmental Declarations and we are delighted to be able to bring this tool to interested organizations."

RightSupply Team.


What our customers say...

"ECOMUNDIS is a reliable partner for us, who works with a very appropriate and personalised project implementation methodology, thus guaranteeing excellent results; its extensive experience in Corporate Social Responsibility makes it a strategic consultant to be taken into account for the success of all projects".

Pablo Chamorro, ECOMUNDIS
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