Workshop on Carbon Footprint Calculation

November 26, 2022

Ecomundis organizes the VII Sustainable Action Day. This time focused on the introduction to the calculation of the Carbon Footprint.

The fight against climate change requires the reliable calculation of CO2 emissions. This conference will provide an introduction to the main keys to calculating the carbon footprint with the aim of marking a path towards neutrality in organizations.   

The program incorporates speakers who are specialists in the fields of emissions calculation, verification, registration and offsetting.

In the words of Pablo Chamorro, director of Ecomundis and promoter of the platform RightSupply:

We do not have much time left to meet the commitments made at the Paris Summit. The European Union and the member states have already adopted legal provisions requiring us to be more rigorous in the calculation and reduction of emissions!




What our customers say...

"ECOMUNDIS is a reliable partner for us, who works with a very appropriate and personalised project implementation methodology, thus guaranteeing excellent results; its extensive experience in Corporate Social Responsibility makes it a strategic consultant to be taken into account for the success of all projects".

Pablo Chamorro, ECOMUNDIS
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