EMAS 100% Digital Webinar and Reporting NFRD

July 28, 2023

EMAS Regulation and Law 11/2018.

An innovative digitalization approach that simplifies the technical and graphic edition of EMAS Environmental Declarations in accordance with the European EMAS Regulation.

A Webinar that reveals the advantages for companies of 100% online preparation of this type of verifiable reporting and how EMAS will fit into the forthcoming European regulations on non-financial information.

At the end of the video, it shows the DAD EMAS Declaration of CARGILL, a pioneer company in the adoption of the European EMAS Regulation in our country. A real example of a Digital Environmental Declaration validated by AENOR under the use of the platform RightSupply.net of ECOMUNDIS.

ECOMUNDIS has more than 20 years of experience providing support to companies like yours, and it is precisely this background that allows us to present this innovative digital sustainability analysis and reporting tool.

Our goal is for your organization to save more than 90% of the time spent on this matter and 80% of the annual update costs of your EMAS Environmental Statement.

We hope you find it useful.


A commitment to simplification and time and cost savings in the edition of EMAS Environmental Declarations.

Pablo Chamorro, ECOMUNDIS


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