RightSupply recognized at the European level as a best practice in digitization

August 17, 2023

RightSupply.net has been recognized as an example of a tool for the digitization of Environmental Declarations of the European EMAS Regulation.

It is an honor for the whole team of Ecomundis, the company behind the platform RightSupplyto receive the recognition of

European Good Practice
in the framework of the Interreg Europe program.

Interreg Europe is an interregional cooperation program co-financed by the European Union. The program helps local, regional and national governments across Europe to develop and implement new and better policies. Interreg is a great environment for sharing solutions to new regional development challenges. Intrerreg focuses on the following themes:

It is in this context that RightSupply has been selected, proposing it as a good practice applicable in the European regions of the 29 countries: the EU27, plus Norway and Switzerland . Specifically, the EMAS module of the Ecomundis platform has been recognized, which allows a complete digitalization of the metrics and Environmental Declarations generated under the European EMAS Regulation.

In the words of the Interreg expert committee: The digital tool presented in this good practice will undoubtedly help organizations to communicate their environmental declarations. It has received interest from several organizations and has great potential to be scaled up across Europe ( Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform expert).

This practice is aimed at all organizations and, due to its simplicity of use, allows its application even to those small and medium-sized organizations that wish to benefit from the advantages of editing and communicating their Environmental Statements (EMAS) in an automated way and with a reduced allocation of resources and editing time.

Ecomundis has developed this module in its platform RightSupply.net, to facilitate the whole process: from data entry, through its online transformation into indicators or the creation of dynamic graphics. The application is able to layout by itself a complete Digital Environmental Declaration (DAD) in web format.

We could say that this initiative has created a new category for this type of verifiable reports, which we could call the new Digital Environmental Statement (DES).

RightSupply.net also has an on-line help chat managed by Ecomudis technicians with more than 25 years of experience in sustainability and in the European EMAS Regulation. If the entire EMAS Statement can be edited in a simple and autonomous way, without the need of a web developer or external advice.

The platform is currently available in 7 languages, which not only allows its use outside Spain, but also the generation of Environmental Statements in several languages for better communication with stakeholders.

Currently, there are already Digital Environmental Declarations in Europe that have been prepared and published with RightSupply.net and have been validated and verified by internationally renowned certifying bodies such as TUV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas or AENOR.

In the words of Ecomundisdirector, Pablo Chamorro:

At Ecomundiswe have been publishing Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Reports for two decades, knowing, to our regret, that they are annual publications with a short editorial life, a limited level of dissemination and a very restricted volume or target of readers. That is why we have opted for innovation and for developing a more agile and updatable web-based option.

In this sense, in 2019 we began the path towards digital transformation, offering our clients not only the traditional publishing models for their publications, but also the 100% digital tool RightSupply.net. With it, today more than 500 companies are evaluating their sustainability metrics and successfully generating for their clients their ratings and CSR/ESG Reports based on the ISO 26000 standard and Agenda 2030. 

New times are coming for reporting and we have already boarded the train, ready to enjoy the journey with new partners and organizations like yours. It will be a pleasure for us to invite you to get on board and share the journey together for better sustainability analysis and reporting.

Pablo Chamorro
Director of Ecomundis


RightSupply Team.


What our customers say...

"ECOMUNDIS is a reliable partner for us, who works with a very appropriate and personalised project implementation methodology, thus guaranteeing excellent results; its extensive experience in Corporate Social Responsibility makes it a strategic consultant to be taken into account for the success of all projects".

Pablo Chamorro, ECOMUNDIS
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