Collaboration with the Port of Barcelona

November 8, 2022

The Port of Barcelona uses the platform RightSupply to evaluate the sustainability of its suppliers.

The Port Authority of Barcelona and ecomundis have established a collaboration agreement to evaluate and promote the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda at the Port of Barcelona. In 2023 it will use it to evaluate the performance of its suppliers.

In order to know the degree of progress in the objectives set by the Agenda 2030 of the United Nations, the Port Authority of Barcelona has established a collaboration agreement with ECOMUNDIS for the use of its platform RightSupply specialized in the analysis and digital reporting of sustainability). APB suppliers, terminals and concessionaires will thus be able to access the Sustainability Observatory mode of this tool free of charge without having to purchase a license for its own use and for its evaluation for the 2022 fiscal year. With this agreement, APB also expands the metrics and information that it has been evaluating since 2016 in the framework of its Sector Sustainability Plan, ensuring in the coming years the support of port users and operators in the best reporting of ESG/Agenda 2030 data and enriching the contents of its annual report.

The platform aims to compile non-financial and sustainability information in line with international standards, such as the 2030 Agenda itself, the ISO 26000 standard, the GRI guide or the United Nations Global Compact.

This new observatory, called Plan Agenda 2030, will enable annual monitoring of the main ESG/CSR (Environment, Society and Governance) indicators in key areas such as the protection of human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer and user issues and participation in community development.

All the companies that participate by providing their information through the platform RightSupply, will be able to additionally opt for the elaboration of their own sustainability report RS26000 and make it public under a reduced license fee thanks to this agreement. This advantage extends to the possibility of preparing a verifiable Digital Environmental Statement in accordance with the European EMAS Regulation under equally advantageous conditions.

In the words of the Director of ECOMUNDIS, the Spanish company that developed the tool, with more than 20 years of experience in auditing in this field:, allows organizations to save more than 90% of the time spent on collecting non-financial information and serves as a guide and support to advance Sustainable Development based on verifiable facts, actions and indicators.


A commitment to simplification and time and cost savings in the edition of EMAS Environmental Declarations.

Pablo Chamorro, ECOMUNDIS


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