Ros Roca EMAS Digital Environmental Statement

September 8, 2022

RightSupply has been the tool used by ROS ROCA, part of the Terberg Group, to publish its 100% digital Environmental its 100% digital Environmental Statement of the European EMAS Regulation.


This multinational company offers products to manage the entire waste life cycle, including urban waste collection, waste containers, container washing equipment and street cleaning.

Thanks to the use of the platform, ROS ROCA has significantly reduced the time invested in editing and updating both its EMAS Statement and its Sustainability Report. Sustainability Report, even being able to generate its Non-Financial Information Statements (NFRD) of Law 11/2018 in a more integrated way.

In Ros Roca we use the platform RightSupply of Ecomundis as a self-publishing system for our Environmental Statement of the European EMAS Regulation, as well as for the elaboration of our Digital Sustainability Report RS26000, and the next State Report of Non-Financial Information of Law 11/2018. The platform is agile and presents a modern and didactic format, which is complemented by the technical and personalized support of the Ecomundis team. Head of Systems at Ros Roca.

RightSupply has been developed entirely in Spain by ECOMUNDIS, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, and is being used by dozens of companies and organizations of different sectors and sizes located inside and outside our country.

What is is a systematic evaluation platform with a dynamic desktop publishing system that allows the collection and communication of metrics and indicators of corporate social responsibility and good corporate governance in an agile and easy way. It integrates the core subjects of the ISO 26000 standard, the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda, the requirements of the European EMAS Regulation or the Law 11/2018 for the disclosure of non-financial statements of organizations and also has a supplier evaluation module and generates a sustainability rating.

In the words of the director of Ecomundis, Pablo Chamorro, "In the digital era, we cannot continue to generate such extensive and complex documents to communicate with stakeholders without a coherent, standardized structure or without having the appropriate tools, and we should not entrust our corporate reputation to the signing of good resolutions or the accumulation of certifications without well-referenced and verified metrics."Sustainability should not be a question of big or small companies, of good or bad organizations, it should simply be a question of indicators, actions and results, and it is along these lines that we will continue to work in the coming years, collaborating with companies such as CARGILL, B.BRAUN, DELTA TECNIC, GRAMONA, LLUCH ESSENCE, GLOBAL FRANGRANCES. These and many others already rely on our platform and support to facilitate the analysis of their evolution in terms of sustainability, to evaluate their suppliers in this area, to prepare their United Nations GLOBAL COMPACT Progress Reports, to monitor their Agenda 2030 or even to calculate the carbon footprint of their organization.

⚪ But also...

RightSupply is aimed at any company that wishes to evaluate and promote its sustainability index and self-generate a Corporate Social Responsibility Report in several languages in an efficient and verifiable way.

It is also aimed at organisations that need to assess the impact of their suppliers in order to understand and improve their environmental risks and social impact on the value chain and products.

If your organization is registered under the European EMAS Regulation you can also prepare your Digital Environmental Statement from our platform. Certification bodies such as AENOR and BUREAU VERITAS have already validated statements generated from our platform. This will allow you to generate fully dynamic data tables and graphs either internally or publicly if you decide to verify the aforementioned Regulation.

⚪ What other advantages and benefits will we enjoy?

Well, there are several reasons why is one of the best tools available today.

  • Firstly, it has been designed on the basis of the ISO 26000 standard and Agenda 2030 in order to guarantee and accredit the best solvency.
  • From the user's point of view, it greatly simplifies data collection tasks through a single form that unifies all relevant content. A simple process for entering information and answering specific questions that adapts to all types of companies.
  • The system does not require the installation of any type of software to generate the Sustainability Report online. This eliminates the time required for technical and graphic editing. Right Supply The system significantly minimizes the cost of editing compared to other more complex and expensive analysis and reporting systems.
  • It favors transparency and corporate reputation with customers, improving communication with them, by centralizing all necessary information in a standardized and validated format.
  • And finally, it ensures its validity and updating for a minimum of 10 years, offering permanent support from the Ecomundis team of experts and auditors, both to resolve any queries and to verify the contents.


What our customers say...

"ECOMUNDIS is a reliable partner for us, who works with a very appropriate and personalised project implementation methodology, thus guaranteeing excellent results; its extensive experience in Corporate Social Responsibility makes it a strategic consultant to be taken into account for the success of all projects".

Pablo Chamorro, ECOMUNDIS


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