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Ref. GRI Standard: 102-1, 102-2, 102-3, 102-4, 102-7

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Lluch Essence is a family owned company with a tradition of more than 70 years in the supply of aromas and fragrances for the perfumery, cosmetics, food and feed industries. Lluch Essence's DNA is a mixture of commitment, honesty, transparency, effort, rigor and a clear vocation of service to offer customers the best materials to develop their products.

The extensive experience and relationships developed over many years have allowed to Lluch Essence to understand and satisfy the needs of its customers and share knowledge so that they perceive them as a partner and not just as a simple distributor.

Lluch Essence has 19,000 m2 between warehouse and offices, and has a portfolio of more than 3,000 permanent products in stock, which allows a very short delivery time.

Lluch Essencethrough its subsidiaries and hubs around the world, offers an efficient logistics chain to supply its customers with raw materials from the origin, as sustainable as possible.

ACTIVITY GROUP: Soaps, detergents and other cleaning and polishing preparations; perfumes and cosmetic products, Other chemical products, PRODUCT, MANUFACTURED PRODUCT, Food products, Chemical products, SERVICES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TRADE SERVICES
CNAE: 4675

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Distribution: 90,8 %

Contract Manufacturing: 9,2 %


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Ref. GRI Standard: 102-18, 102-19, 102-20




Lluch Essence is a family-owned company dedicated to the worldwide distribution and marketing of essential oils and aromatic chemicals with more than 70 years of experience.

In recent years, governance mechanisms have evolved to promote sustainability in the company, moving from formal structures to more collaborative processes. Skills such as leadership, empathy and collaboration have been enhanced through the creation of new roles and the revision of the governance structure.

As part of Lluch Essence's sustainable commitment since 2021 there is the position of Technical and Sustainability Director, who is a member of the executive committee and reports annually to the board on corporate sustainability strategy and objectives.

There is also a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, which focuses on the creation of different projects in line with the company's ethical, social and environmental commitment.

The Executive Committee includes several people involved in the main activities of the company, all of whom assume the role of leaders in front of their teams, who report and assume the relevant responsibilities in their area of work. The structure of the Executive Committee is as follows:

  • CEO - Eva and Sofia Lluch
  • General Director - Jordi Perez Suñer
  • CFO - Cristina González
  • Sales Director - Conxa Ferrer
  • Global Category Director (Purchase Synthetics) - Christian Ritter
  • Global Category Director (Purchase Naturals) - Julia Peinado
  • HR Director - Ruben Salvatella Jimenez
  • Technical and Sustainability Director - Belen Esteve Bocos

Ref. GRI Standard: 102-53

Contact in relation to this report 

CONTACT PERSON: Belen Esteve Bocos - Position: Technical and Sustainability Director

Direct phone: 679389182 Mail:

Ref. GRI Standard: 102-46

Scope of the Report Right Supply 26000 


Fiscal year 2022 - The production centers considered for this fiscal year are: LLUCH ESSENCE SLU (Spain), LLUCH ESSENCE SAS (Colombia) and LLUCH ESSENCE, S.A. de C.V (Mexico).


This corporate sustainability report includes Lluch Essence's headquarters in Barcelona and its subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia and Singapore.

We are pleased to present our new COP (Communication On Progres) Report, which documents the firm commitment of the team to sustainable development, as well as the transformation of our values into actions and the results of good governance. Lluch Essence team to sustainable development, as well as the transformation of our values into actions and the results of good governance.

Lluch Essence demonstrates its continued support for the Global Compact's ten principles on Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment and anti-corruption, adopting the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals as the main guide for its implementation.

The COP that we present to you is disseminated 100% online and it contemplates the fundamental issues established by the ISO 26000 standard on corporate social responsibility. The information and data declared in it have been verified by the auditing services of ECOMUNDIS, accrediting the degree of annual progress of Lluch Essence in the non-financial matters described.

References to the GRI Standard are included in report RS26000 as a guide.

Our commitment and values

Commitment. Undoubtedly, this is the word that defines us in terms of sustainability. At Lluch Essence we understand sustainability as the ability to endure, to guarantee present needs without compromising future ones, putting at the center of our strategy the three areas of impact of value creation: people, planet and good governance, aligned with the framework of the 2030 Agenda and taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

It is a long road, with many steps that are not always easy and light, but our commitment requires us to take a firm step. We are truly conscious of integrating sustainable practices into our business strategy.

One of the proofs that our commitment is unquestionable, in 2022 we incorporated a person who dedicates 100% of her time to sustainability projects within the company. This has allowed us to give an outlet to many of the projects we were carrying out and to strengthen the company's strategy. She also adds value by joining the CSR team made up of people from different departments: People&Culture, Regulatory affairs, Communication and " Safety". Working with a multidisciplinary team, spanning different departments, is an excellent way to ensure that all areas of the company are involved in the implementation of sustainable actions.

This year we can highlight many goals that we will review throughout the report: Lluch Essence was certified for the first time with ISO 14001, thus strengthening its commitment to environmental protection, aligning all initiatives that have been implemented with the aim of reducing and minimizing the impacts of its activity in the natural environment. As another example of Good Governance, Lluch Essence has obtained a score of 61/100 in the EcoVadis evaluation, thus maintaining the Silver medal, this score places us above the average score of the companies evaluated in our sector.

As an involved economic agent of change, Lluch Essence has participated in the search for disruptive and eco-innovative business solutions that help minimize the environmental impact of its actions and waste. One of them: the new laboratory gloves that we have changed for others made of more sustainable and respectful materials. Another: the secondary sample containers and the 1 kg secondary containers, which have been redesigned by implementing eco-design criteria.

Also, this year we have started our first local production of lavandin, in Murcia. Local and proximity production is also an important step towards sustainability. By reducing distances in the supply chain, the carbon footprint is reduced and the local economy is boosted. 

For the benefit of people, for the benefit of the planet: We want to drive the F&F sector towards a sustainable future, and ensure the preservation of natural resources and the well-being of present and future generations. WE CONTINUE!

Ref. GRI Standard: 102-16

Adherence to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility of the ISO 26000 

Our organization is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. To this purpose, we adopt the principles established by the ISO 26000 standard as a Social Responsibility Guide.

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethical behavior
  • Respect for the interests of stakeholders
  • Respect for the principle of legality
  • Respect for international standards
  • Respect for human rights

Ref. GRI Standard: 102-16

Adherence to the principles of the Global Compact

1 LLUCH ESSENCE supports and respects the protection of internationally recognized fundamental human rights within our sphere of influence.
2 LLUCH ESSENCE assures not to give cover or complicity to other companies that violate human rights.
3 LLUCH ESSENCE is committed to freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
4 LLUCH ESSENCE is committed to the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labor.
5 LLUCH ESSENCE is committed to the eradication of child labor.
6 LLUCH ESSENCE is committed to the abolition of discriminatory practices in employment and occupation.
7 LLUCH ESSENCE maintains a preventive approach that favors environmental protection.
8 LLUCH ESSENCE encourages initiatives that promote greater environmental responsibility.
9 LLUCH ESSENCE promotes the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.
10 LLUCH ESSENCE establishes functions and controls to ensure the absence of corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

Certifications accredited by LLUCH ESSENCE


FAMI-QS | Expiration Date: 05/24/2024

The icons included here are intended to recognize the certificates that the organization is accredited with, and do not constitute a reliable representation of its graphic marks or its seals of guarantee.

Attached certificates

FAMI-QS | Expiration Date: 05/24/2024

 ENERGY EFFICIENCY ISO 50001: ESSG__OTS_105390_EN_20220119-696aef2a-2.pdf

CARBON FOOTPRINT: Huella-de-carbono-corporativa-2022_c-a821de4d-2.pdf

EMISSIONS OFFSETS: Offsetting certificate

OTHER CERTIFICATES / DOCUMENTS: certificados-juntos-2344bc97-2.pdf

Plans and programmes 

 EQUALITY PLAN: j._Plan-Igualdad_c-f47f96d7-2.pdf

RS26000 Certificate 


⚪ RSs:200

Environmental sustainability


 Mapping of material or relevant issues (SDG Agenda 2030)


Ref. GRI Standard: 301-1

Origin of Major Raw Materials


Origin of the main products distributed:



Description of the main or significant impacts:

Lluch Essence offers a diverse portfolio with more than 3,000 references, including raw materials of natural or synthetic origin. Purchases of raw materials are designed to be sustainable from an economic, social and environmental point of view, promoting the economic development of rural communities and buying directly from the countries of origin, trying to reduce the number of intermediaries.

Similarly, the company has HUBs in Shanghai and Mumbai, warehouses in Malaysia, Colombia and Mexico, and has a network of distributors in several countries, allowing us to achieve the transition to a low-carbon economy.

In terms of environmental impact, Lluch Essence is aware of the impact that the company can generate. For this reason, since 2019, an evaluation of the carbon footprint of the main headquarters in Barcelona and its subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia and Singapore has been carried out. Likewise, the company offsets its carbon footprint through projects framed in sustainability in those countries where it has a subsidiary.

Locate and highlight the importance of SDG in the different phases of the product or service life cycle.

Environmental indicators

Waste generation

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
0,027 t/t
2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0

3,15 %

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0

70,28 %

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0

12,52 %

2022  Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0

14,05 %

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
0,17 KR/kp

Energy consumption

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0

0,077 MWh/t

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0

12,63 MWh

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0

100 %


2021 Data invariant (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs:0

92,12 t

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
Ref: Scope categories 3: Business travel, employee commuting, energy-related fuels and emissions, goods and services, and production waste.
727,17 t
2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
92,12 t

Water consumption and discharge

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
0,090 m3/t
2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
0 m3/t

Circular economy data. Source materials UPstream

2022 Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
69 %
Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
Ref: Pallets
0 %

Circular economy data. Finished product DOWNstream

Invariant data (+/- 5%) ⚪ RSs: 0
Ref: We do not have this information. Packaging, pallets and strapping are recyclable, but we do not know the final destination given by the client.
0 %

⚪ RSs: 0

  ISO 26000. Corporate Social Responsibility

Ref. GRI Standard: 102-29

Lluch Essence works to identify and prioritize the most relevant matters for the company and its stakeholders, which is why since 2021 we have the first materiality assessment of the company. From this analysis, we measure the most significant social, environmental and economic impacts of the company to ensure that we focus on the right priorities.

Lluch Essences activity has an impact that goes far beyond economic results, so business performance must be aligned with the expectations of stakeholders and society in general.

Lluch Essence follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Integrated Reporting Framework for the study of its materiality, and has been guided throughout the process by an external consultant.

The process began with the analysis of material issues taking into account the current context and the Sustainable Development Goals implemented by the United Nations Compact. Twenty material aspects were collected under five different themes: acting on climate change, caring about people (internal and external) and growing business for good (good governance and economic aspects).

The result of the process was validated by the General Management and the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, integrated into the sustainability strategy and published in the Sustainability Report 2022.


Management approach or level of integration in the organisation



Human Rights



Labour practices



Environment and surroundings



Fair operations



Consumers and customers



Community and Development

List of fundamental matters in which the organization works

Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Action 

Lluch Essence establishes specific objectives and actions included in the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Good Governance and Social Wellbeing. Aligning with the 2030 Agenda and taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.

In 2022, Lluch Essence participated in the SDG Ambition program, a six-month accelerator that aims to challenge and support companies participating in the United Nations Global Compact to set ambitious corporate goals and accelerate the integration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Objectives on which we are actively working




 Status of implementation of Agenda 2030  
LLUCH ESSENCE has integrated the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda into planning and monitors the milestones achieved for each of them.

⚪ RSs: 20

The GRI Standard references have been included to facilitate the organisation's calculation of indicators in the event of opting for GRI validation.

Goal 3: Ensure a healthy life and promote the well-being of all people at all ages
Ref. GRI Standard: 203-2, 305-1, 305-2, 305-3, 305-6, 305-7, 306-1, 306-2, 306-3, 306-4, 401-2, 403-6-a, 403-6-b, 403-9-a, 403-9-b, 403-9-c, 403-10-a, 403-10-b, 403-10-c

Our commitment as a company is"Thriving together", we work in a culture of sustainable development that fosters the growth of those who trust us, which includes customers, suppliers and employees.

Thriving together as a company means that our employees grow with us and feel identified with and proud of the company. That is why our commitment is to provide them with the necessary tools and spaces to generate an environment of well-being and safety in their workplaces.

Lluch Essence offers a flexible schedule of time for entry, exit and lunch, for those positions in which it is possible, as well as the possibility of accessing a superior medical insurance at a much more affordable price than in the current market.

Lluch Essence is committed to protecting the safety and health of all its employees, with the conviction that accidents at work must be avoided and that, in those activities considered high risk, all the necessary preventive and protective measures will be put in place to ensure occupational health and safety.

Goal 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all
Ref. GRI Standard: 404-1

At Lluch Essence we are committed to people and their training, through the Escola Lluch program, in which we encourage and empower young university students in their first steps in the world of work.

We also collaborate with the Educo Lunchroom Scholarships, with the purpose of donating scholarships so that children at risk of social exclusion can have a year's school meals paid for through this Foundation. With these scholarships, Lluch Essence achieved that 9 children can access a healthy dining room for the school year 2021/2022.

Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
GRI Standard: 102-22, 102-24, 202-1, 203-1, 401-1, 401-2, 401-3, 404-3, 405-1, 405-2, 406-1, 414-1, 414-2

In Lluch Essence we are committed to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, without discriminating directly or indirectly on the basis of gender, as well as with the promotion and encouragement of measures to achieve real equality in our organization.

We want to promote the development of a company culture in favor of the integration of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities, incorporating the gender perspective and other diversity factors in all our internal and external action procedures, thus expanding our CSR strategy in the social scope. To this end, we have at our disposal our Code of Ethics and its respective Ethical Channel for denunciations, as well as a documented Equality Plan, which shows a diagnosis of the company and the strategic objectives in terms of equality.

These actions fall into 8 different areas: organizational, communication, access to employment, professional development, pay equity, work-life balance, occupational health, prevention of harassment and gender-based violence.

Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
GRI Standard: 302-1, 302-2, 302-3, 302-4, 302-5

We are 100% committed to our corporate decarbonization plan, focusing on energy efficiency.

We have implemented a series of best practices in the company's daily activities, which are part of the continuous improvement and decarbonization plan of the organization. We currently have an installation of photovoltaic plants that cover 12% of the company's energy requirements, the remaining energy comes 100% from renewable sources.

By 2023, we will be working ambitiously on SDG 7, for which we have already set a roadmap for the implementation of 2 major projects.

The first is Energías del Prat, a local energy community that promotes clean and proximity energy, of which Lluch Essence will be a part. The second project is the efficient management of energy, through a combined energy and environmental management system, with ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 certification, which we already have.

Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
Ref. GRI Standard: 102-8, 102-41, 202-1, 202-2, 203-2, 204-1, 301-1, 301-2, 301-3, 302-1, 302-2, 302-3, 302-4, 302-5, 401-1, 401-2, 401-3, 402-1, 403-1-a, 403-1-b, 403-2-a, 403-2-b, 403-2-c, 403-2-d, 403-3, 403-4-a, 403-4-b, 403-5, 403-7, 403-8, 403-9-a, 403-9-b, 403-9-c, 403-10-a, 403-10-b, 403-10-c, 404-1, 404-2, 404-3, 405-1, 405-2, 406-1, 407-1, 408-1, 409-1, 414-1, 414-2

Growing as an organization implies that employees also grow and feel identified and proud to belong to the company. That is why Lluch Essence's commitment is to guarantee the necessary tools and spaces to generate an environment of well-being and quality at work, through certain measures such as: the family reconciliation policy, the equality plan and the PRL policy.

Objective 9: To build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialisation and encourage innovation
GRI Standard: 201-1, 203-1

In Lluch Essence we innovate for a better future, through the expansion of our portfolio with natural, ecological and sustainable products. Similarly, we are committed to a digital transformation in all internal processes of the company, betting on circular economy projects framed in process innovation and in favor of a sustainable industry.

Goal 10: Reducing inequality within and between countries
GRI Standard Ref.: 102-8, 207-1, 207-2, 207-3, 207-4, 401-1, 404-1, 404-3, 405-2

Lluch Essence is aware that inequality is a threat to social and economic development, especially harming vulnerable groups, such as migrants, women or people with disabilities, who suffer greater inequality of income and opportunities.

As a company, we are committed to follow a culture based on respect for human rights, implementing policies and procedures to ensure equality among all workers, in Lluch Essence we are governed by the principle of non-discrimination based on sex, age, nationality, religion, political or sexual orientation, marital status, disability or family burdens, in hiring employees.

In Lluch Essence we work to create an environment free of inequalities, we understand equality as one of our fundamental pillars in our business strategy, therefore we declare our commitment through the equality plan.

Our objective is to promote the development of a company culture in favor of the strategic integration of the principle of equal treatment and opportunities in the management of our human capital, incorporating the gender perspective and other diversity factors in all our internal and external procedures, thus expanding our CSR strategy in the social field.

We adapted our strategy towards a more social focus through collaboration with associations and foundations that are aligned with Lluch Essence's sustainable commitment. In April we held a workshop on the creation of eva rubber roses taught by people with intellectual disabilities, which were given as gifts to Lluch Essence employees for Sant Jordi's Day.

On the other hand, through collaboration with the Eurofirms Foundation, the ALPI Foundation and the equality committee of Lluch Essence together with 15 people with intellectual disabilities have managed to make a total of 200 natural soaps, which were part of the Christmas gift of Lluch Essence for its workers.

Goal 11: Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
Ref. GRI Standard: 203-1

In Lluch Essence we prioritize the collaboration with local entities for the realization of projects framed in sustainability, trying to create collaborative communities with sustainable growth, last year we conducted a clothing donation campaign in collaboration with Fundació Amiga and a food donation in conjunction with Food Bank.

Lluch Essence also works with local suppliers offering fair trade in their products with the aim of increasing economic activity in the local region and providing sustainable income.

On the other hand, Lluch Essence is committed to efficient and sustainable production, we have an installation of photovoltaic plants that cover 12% of the company's energy requirements, the rest of the energy comes from 100% renewable sources.

As part of our decarbonization plan, we promote the use of public transportation, on foot or by bicycle for employee commuting, adapting flexible arrival and departure times.

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
GRI Standard: 301-1, 301-2, 301-3, 302-1, 302-2, 302-3, 302-4, 302-5, 303-1-a, 303-1-c, 305-1, 305-2, 305-3, 305-6, 305-7, 306-1, 306-2, 306-3, 306-4, 417-1

At Lluch Essence we are aware that responsible production is vital for sustainable development, we have worked on secondary sample containers and secondary 1 Kg containers, which have been redesigned by implementing eco-design criteria. The final result is a secondary packaging with a lower environmental impact and a mono-material structure (100% cardboard) promoting the correct separation and recyclability of the packaging. Similarly, we are involved in circular economy projects for our tertiary packaging, the pallet.

We promote the use of renewable energies by installing photovoltaic plants at our headquarters that cover 12% of the company's energy requirements; the rest of the energy comes 100% from renewable sources.

Each year, all our initiatives, contributions and best practices are transparently communicated to our stakeholders through our sustainability report.

Objective 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its effects.
GRI Standard: 201-2, 302-1, 302-2, 302-3, 302-4, 302-5, 305-1, 305-2, 305-3, 305-4, 305-5

Lluch Essence establishes specific objectives and actions encompassed in the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Good Governance and Social Welfare. Aligning with the 2030 Agenda and taking into account the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), below, we present our actions implemented in 2022 in favor of SDG 13:

  • We have carried out the calculation of the Carbon Footprint and its following offset through reforestation projects.
  • We have expanded our portfolio of ecological, natural and sustainable products, which have been certified by CCPAE and ECOCERT.
  • We work to prioritize raw materials that do not come from endangered or endangered species, as is the case of palm oil. Likewise, we prioritize that suppliers working with this product are RSPO certified, for a sustainable use of palm oil.
  • We have promoted sustainable mobility among employees, suppliers and in the distribution of products and services, in order to reduce emissions caused by land, air and maritime transportation.
  • We have worked on secondary sample packaging and 1 Kg secondary packaging, which have been redesigned by implementing eco-design criteria.
  • We conducted internal awareness campaigns to work on environmental awareness.
Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.
GRI Standard: 304-1, 304-2, 304-3, 304-4, 305-1, 305-2, 305-3, 305-4, 305-5, 305-7, 306-3, 306-5

At Lluch Essence we try to maintain a balance in our ecosystem, getting involved in projects in favor of biodiversity and responsible agriculture.

We work to prioritize raw materials that do not come from species under attack or in danger of extinction, as is the case of palm oil, prioritizing that the suppliers that work with this product are certified by the RSPO.

We quantify our carbon footprint, considering as direct emissions those generated by the company's facilities and vehicles (Scope I), and indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity (Scope II). It also quantifies the activities outside the boundaries of the organization, which corresponds to purchases of Goods and Services, Waste and Company Travel (Scope III). Subsequently, we perform the complete compensation through reforestation projects.

Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development
Ref. GRI Standard: 207-1, 207-2, 207-3, 207-4

At Lluch Essence we work on shared value projects, which aim to optimize our strategic sectorial alliances, betting on sustainable growth and looking for points of connection to work as a team. This allows us to consolidate our sectorial community and to realize that we have the same challenges, which we can face together in a cooperative way.

In the same way, we work to implement principles and guidelines that promote sustainable development, involving not only the company's employees, but also suppliers and customers, in order to create strategic alliances with those who trust us and align themselves with our mission, vision and values.

We currently have a code of conduct for suppliers and another for workers, which allows us to establish a direct commitment to our objectives.

⚪ RSs: 120

Sustainability Index rating of LLUCH ESSENCE 

     Includes the degree of progress in implementing the ISO 26000 standard and sustainability practices in the SDG of the 2030 Agenda.

Human Rights


Labor Practices




Fair operations


Consumers and Customers Y

Ref: 7

Community and Development


  Governance and transparency


Content verification

The RS26000 Index is a quantitative assessment of sustainability based on a set of specific indicators of corporate social and environmental responsibility. It takes more than 200 variables as a reference and integrates the information declared by the organization within the framework of the ISO 26000 standard and Agenda 2030 .

The Indexes and Sustainability Reports RightSupply RS26000 generated on this platform have to undergo a process of content verification by ECOMUNDIS auditors . The organization will be able to opt for extended validations of its RS26000 Index, by official certifying bodies and within its own processes of certification of norms and standards.

RS26000 Certificate

Once the contents have been verified, the organization can make public or communicate its RS26000 Index to its clients and other interested parties. The RS26000 Certificate is valid for a maximum of one year from the date of issue and, once this has expired, the platform will keep this RS26000Report for a maximum of three months.

Right Supply reserves the right to revoke the RS26000 certificate and to eliminate from this platform those contents declared by the organization, if it is proved that the organization has omitted relevant aspects or has provided false information.

Evaluation System


The evaluation system RightSupply transfers the numerical value of the RS26000 Index to a letter scale from lower to higher sustainability and according to the following graph.

Organisations with A+ scores additionally meet the following[requirements].


On the other hand and in a complementary way, the performance of the organization is evaluated numerically for each of the seven fundamental subjects of Corporate Social Responsibility (ISO 26000) and by means of a scale that grants 7 points or stars. In order to recognize the effort of the organizations, it is established that the four stars with the highest score are distinguished with the color gold. In this way, the organization will be able to quantify the total number of gold stars obtained in a cumulative way.



Company Sustainability Index is the evaluation and scoring system chosen by organizations to objectively analyze their progress in sustainability, progressively improve it and communicate it to their clients and stakeholders.

Thanks to the information entered in the platform, the system automatically generates the RS26000 Report , facilitating the evaluation and reporting of corporate social responsibility of companies. This report can be registered as a COP (Communication On Progress) document in the United Nations Global Compact scheme.


Sustainable Value Chain is a Supplier Sustainability Index assessment service for the corporate supply chain. RS 26000 - SVC reports annually for your organization indicators, aggregated and per supplier, in matters as important as the circular economy, climate change and other relevant aspects of good corporate governance.

RS26000 Index verified




More sustainable products and services

Stakeholders can consult a list of the organisation's most sustainable products here.